Crystal Watana

From a young age, I've always been drawn to the arts... little did I know that it would become my passion! I shouldn't have been too surprised since my mother was an artist. Unfortunately, she never pursued her calling... me, on the other hand, I was tired of living a life that was bland and, more importantly, I wanted to teach my daughter that any passion is possible. The only way I would be able to teach that to her was to live it and be the example... so, I mustered up the courage and am currently attacking my dream!

My style involves all looks from the natural to the extravagant--all makeup applications satisfies my hunger! I don't discriminate, I truly LOVE it all!!

Along my journey thus far, I have been fortunate enough to work with many wonderful people from photographers, directors, musicians, models, and actors to your everyday women and men. 

In the world of makeup artistry (and practically anything in life), there is and will always be room for improvement--I am one to constantly keep my eyes and ears open to different and new techniques (there's always one just around the corner). 

Currently, I am based in Los Angeles but have traveled to surrounding areas wherever my passion takes me.